Virtual Reality:

Interact and experience in an immersive way

¿Can you envision stepping into your architectural projects before they become reality?At Visualfabrik, that's precisely what we offer: a unique opportunity to live and breathe your ideas firsthand.

¿How do we achieve this? How do we do it? Through our groundbreaking virtual reality technology, we elevate architectural visualization to an entirely new level. No longer limited to static images or paper blueprints, you can now stroll through different spaces, feel the natural light streaming through the windows, and appreciate every intricate detail, all as if you were there, wearing your virtual reality headset.

Imagine enabling your clients to explore your upcoming real estate development even before the first wall is raised. With our immersive expertise, they can not only admire the design of their future home but also interact with it. Open doors, switch on lights, gather information about materials, and more. Everything they need to make an informed final decision.

What does 3D architectural immersion offers?

Walk through spaces that come alive

Live the spaces with the feeling of being there physically.

Details that matter

Explore every detail and every aspect of the design.

Take control

Interact and perform various actions in real time.​

Decide with confidence

Personalise the space with different options for furniture or materials.​

Discover the best 3D Immersion works

At Visualfabrik, we take immense pride in showcasing our expertise and remarkable projects that have truly made an impact. Immerse yourself in our image gallery.

How we do it



We make a bespoke quote for 3D renders based on each project's specifications, whether it involves the number of views or animation duration. We put together the quote without any obligation, requiring only basic information about the project to help us comprehend its scope and features.


Modeling and Framing

Once the quote is accepted and all project information is gathered, including CAD plans, 3D models, and any additional details, we initiate the process of modeling, lighting, and framing based on the project's requirements.



We provide sketches of the previously defined views for client confirmation, allowing them to propose adjustments and changes to the model and materials according to their preferences.


Final Delivery

Following intermediate revisions, we proceed with finishing the views and rendering. Lastly, we perform the ultimate post-production on the 3D renders, delivering them within the timeframe agreed upon with the client.



Ensuring the end result aligns perfectly with the client's expectations is very important to us. That's why we always appreciate receiving feedback until finishing the work, ensuring all expectations have been met.

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