3D Architectural Animation:

The power of 3D animation in architectural storytelling

3D architectural animation goes one step further than static images. It allows us to tell a story with architecture as a backdrop in a more cinematic way. The moving image is able to convey more emotion and surprise to the viewer, also making use of audio to accentuate those feelings.

In addition, an architectural video can provide a greater amount of information to the viewer, from showing the nearby environment, to landscapes, services… We usually work in 3D promotional videos of between 2 and 3 minutes long, or in shorter spots of between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Discover some of our works of 3D architectural animation

Discover our outstanding works in 3D architectural animation in Malaga and Marbella, among other cities. At Visualfabrik, we are proud to show our experience and skills through projects that have left their mark. Explore our gallery.

How we do it



We make a customized 3D rendering budget according to the conditions of each project and the number of views or duration of the animation. We prepare the budget without obligation, requiring only basic information about the project to help us understand its magnitude and characteristics.


Modeling and framing

Once the budget was accepted and all the project information was collected, this time CAD drawings, 3D models and everything that could be provided; we started working on the modeling, lighting and the different framing according to the needs of the project.



The sketches of the previously defined views are provided for confirmation by the client, who will propose, at his discretion, the adjustments and changes to be made to the model and materials.


Final delivery

After the intermediate revisions, we continue with the work of the final views and their rendering. Finally, the final post-production of the 3D infographics is done to deliver them within the deadline established by the client.



That the final result is as close as possible to the client’s expectations is the most important thing for us, so we always like to receive some feedback at the end of the work to know that all expectations have been met.

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