About us

About us

Visualfabrik is a 3D visualization studio founded in Málaga and headquartered in Marbella by architects Álvaro Cappa and Miguel Ortega. With extensive expertise in specialized 3D design projects, especially within the fields of architecture and urbanism, our hallmark is delivering top-notch quality in the final product. We meticulously focus on detail, accentuating the distinctive aspects of each project.

Every time we receive a commission, our goal is to translate the project's concept into a photorealistic and striking 3D image or animation. This approach grabs the user's attention and reinforces product marketing. We highly value client feedback throughout the workflow, from conceptualization to rendering and the final post-production of 3D infographics or animations.

We combine dedicated attention to each of our renders and animations with cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best results that meet our clients' expectations.

The team

Álvaro Cappa

Architect / 3D artist / CEO

Miguel Ortega

Architect / 3D artist / CEO

Javier Gómez

3D artist

Xulia Rocamora

3D artist / Interior designer

Our Past Collaborations

We've had the privilege to work with prominent clients both on a national scale, in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, and internationally in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. Our steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality work and adhering to project timelines and deadlines distinguishes us.


3D Studio Max and V-Ray Course for Creating Exterior Architectural Images. This course spans over 5 hours, organized into 6 units and 24 lessons, aiming to equip you with the skills to create exterior architectural images using 3D Studio Max and V-Ray. Designed to maximize your proficiency with the rendering engine, we start with a pre-modeled project that you can download during the course. By completing this course, you'll have the ability to produce photorealistic images using this software and perform basic post-production in Photoshop.

  • L1: Presentation
  • L2: Influences
  • L3: What will we do in the course?
  • L4: Base model and terrain creation
  • L5: Modeling with Floor Generator
  • L6: Vegetation with Forest Pack 1
  • L7: Vegetation with Forest Pack 2
  • L8: Optimization with VrayProxy
  • L9: Understanding the Vray Physical Cam
  • L10: Framing and composition
  • L11: Daytime lighting with VraySun+Sky
  • L12: Night lighting with HDRI+VrayLights
  • L13: Understand PBR, dielectric and conductive materials
  • L14: Creating basic materials with VrayMtl
  • L15: Composite materials and BerconTile 1 plugin
  • L16: Composite materials and BerconTile 2 plugin
  • L17: Variation and randomness with Multitexture
  • L18: Vray Next Parameters
  • L19: Vray Frame buffer
  • L20: Render elements and export 1
  • L21: Render elements and export 2
  • L22: Import files in Photoshop (32bits)
  • L23: Post production and use of masks (16bits)
  • L24: General adjustments and final touches

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